Personally & Professionally

With a goal to provide affordable dialysis services and training in India while adhering to German and international standards, D.Med Medical Services GmbH entered into a partnership with India-based (Pune) Biomed. This move is a natural next step in D.Med’s growth to become a global name in Renal care. Through GRC, D.Med will bring its existing strengths in Renal care, including but not limited to expert knowledge, operational excellence from Europe and R&D know-how, to the Indian market. Through GRC, D.Med’s Indian partner, Biomed, will add its strengths, including but not limited to a holistic understanding of the Indian Renal care market, great local image and valuable human resource management know-how, to the partnership. Even before its operational inception, GRC has bagged prestigious government and private projects in India. GRC will see the opening of its first Dialysis center in India in February 2016.

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