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Divisions D.Med Group

The D.Med Healthcare Group is a global playing supplier of innovative and high quality medical products in the fields of dialysis and nephrology as well as diabetology. In addition, we provide hospitals with medical products for gynaecology, dermatology as well as urology and provide consulting services in product development and market introduction of medical devices.

The D.Med Group has four divisions:

  • Dialysis

    The D.Med Healthcare Group offers you the complete range of cutting-edge products and services for all needs concerning haemodialysis.

  • Diabetes

    As the exclusive distribution partner for high-quality and modern blood sugar measuring devices from NIPRO, it is our goal to make life with diabetes as safe and at the same time as comfortable as possible.

  • Consulting

    As D.Med Consulting AG we accompany product developments and market launches of medical products in general and dialysis products in particular.

  • Hospital

    Our business unit hospital offers high quality reusable and disposable products for daily use in hospitals.