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Surdial™X – cutting-edge dialysis therapy

The requirements of modern dialysis machines are becoming increasingly complex: on the one hand they must perform ever new therapy-induced tasks involving sophisticated medical technology while at the same time meeting utmost standards of safety and economy. On the other hand they should be user-friendly and offer users the greatest possible flexibility.

The newly developed dialysis machine Surdial™-X masters this balancing act between high-quality therapy, usability, economy and safety. It works with all established treatment methods, has a sophisticated operation system, and with its innovative solutions it makes a crucial contribution towards optimising therapy and reducing the costs of dialysis treatments.

The DIF function, for the first time available in Europe, has resulted in significant savings in therapy preparation and re-infusion. The power and water consumption of the SurdialTM-X is sometimes considerably below that of its competitors. What is more, the service life of its sterile filters of up to 1,800 hours reduces the costs per treatment.