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Unique dialyser technology

One of our most innovative products is the dialyser ElisioTM from NIPRO, which has quickly become globally established as a trendsetting product in this field. The newly developed PolynephronTM membrane has precisely defined pore diameters combined with the maximum number of pores, thus ensuring optimum clearance of both small and middle molecules while at the same time offering excellent albumin retention. The ripple structure of the capillaries promotes the homogeneous flushing of all capillaries with dialysis fluid.

Thanks to the perfectly smooth end of the fibre bundles and an ultra-fine blood-contacting surface, interactions with blood elements are reduced to a minimum. The formation of hydrophilic and hydrophobic domains on the blood-contacting membrane surface contributes significantly to making the surface biocompatible.

Moreover, the PolynephronTM membrane prevents the transport of endotoxins from the dialysate circulation into the blood circulation. The newly developed housing is made of polypropylene and considerably more light-weight than older models. Both the housing and the membrane of the dialyser ElisioTM are free of the endocrine disruptor Bisphenol A (BPA), a softener. ElisoTM is a unique and  powerful dialyser which satisfies the strictest requirements of modern dialysis therapy.