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Disposables for gynaecology, dermatology and urology

With our new business unit hospital we expand our medical product range to include high-quality reusable and disposable products for daily use in different departments in hospitals. The portfolio compromises medical supplies for gynaecology, dermatology and urology. Prime among these are our urinary catheters, affordable disposable specula as well as our hydraulic cervix dilator Gynedil.

  • Gynedil

    Our specially developed cervix dilator Gynedil® is successfully used for diagnostic tests and surgical procedures in gynaecology.

  • D.sicco

    Under the D.sicco division we offer high quality Foley (urinary) catheters at competitive prices.

  • Novomed

    On and you find current deals on our gynaecological and dermatological products. All items can be easily ordered online.