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Zückerli expands - Acquisition of sales companies in Marburg

September 8th 2015:

As part of our continuous growth strategy, Zückerli Group, our German diabetes distribution business, has acquired two regional sales companies located in Marburg / Germany:

Diabetes Point Marburg GmbH (DPM) is a well-established wholesaler with strong industry links while Marburger Medizin Service GmbH (MMS) focuses on the retail sector through three own diabetes shops and a separate team that processes prescriptions nation-wide.

These acquisitions will strengthen our footprint in the German diabetes market and enable us to organize Zückerli's operations more efficiently.

The executive team will consist of Sven-Axel Krentorz (Chief Executive Officer), Kai Kräuter (Sales & Marketing Director) and Stephan Brockschmidt (Chief Finance and Operating Officer).