Vascular Access Monitoring NephroFlow

Vascular dialysis access is considered to be the Achilles heel of hemodialysis. Based on the advice of the NKF KDOQI™, a monthly observation to diagnose and prevent stenosis or thrombosis progression is recommended. D.Med NephroFlow enables this monitoring to take place using ultrasound dilution technology and non-invasive access flow monitoring.

Safe, quick and accurate, the device provides the actual blood flow, access recirculation and shunt flow for your patient during hemodialysis. The annual functional inspection can easily be done on site, without the need to remove the device from its operating environment. Furthermore, our tubing database is constantly updated and can easily be downloaded when needed.

*National Kidney Foundation: KDOQI clinical practice guidelines for vascular access.

Vascular Access Monitoring

Recirculation and access flow measuring device

Clear 15” Touchscreen

Fast start and “Quick mode”

Patient Database

Highly accurate measurement

Print and save via USB

Separate stand, basket, plate and cover available

In-house maintenance

3 hours of battery life and charging indicator