Our commitment to the environment

At D.med, we are constantly working to find a way to use more sustainable natural resources and make a positive contribution to climate protection.

Across our organization, we work with our different branches to develop green initiatives and environmentally friendly approaches that continuously improve our environmental performance.


Here are some of our initiatives:

Dreck-Weg-Tag in Düsseldorf

The cleaning activity was carried out by our team at our head office in Düsseldorf in partnership with:

Dreck-Weg-Tag; a German clean-up initiative.

In this activity, a team from the D.med office joined a group of volunteers to clean up the city of Düsseldorf by collecting tons of waste!

Zückerli joins the GoGreen initiative in cooperation with DHL

Zückerli, a subsidiary of D.med that specializes in diabetes care products, participates in a project that responds to the sustainability challenges of transport and logistics activities.

Zückerli’s green initiative is in cooperation with DHL’s  GoGreen solutions.

In order to offset emissions, the GoGreen program supports high-quality climate protection projects around the world.
This involves optimizing transport routes, alternative drive vehicles and energy-efficient warehouses.

The oil Initiative at Skopje office

The sustainability efforts of our Skopje office go beyond simple recycling actions in the office.
Our office located in Skopje, North Macedonia, participated in a local initiative to support their local community.

In this initiative, families are encouraged to collect their used cooking oil: the used oil is collected and a gift of 1 liter of cooking oil is given to households. This gift can be offered to social institutions.

Düsseldorf office switches to 100% green energy

In July 2021, our headquarters at Düsseldorf switched to 100% green electricity.

The energy is generated from hydro-power and certified by the Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV).

This transformation towards renewable energy is part of our global goal to use natural resources in a sustainable way.