Renal Engineering

From Germany to the world

We are independent leading specialists in dialysis technologies and other related medical fields. From the initial idea to the finished prototype, we develop new suitable solutions, re-engineer existing products, and prepare your market launch.

We do not work in a preset structure but develop tailored solutions in cooperation with our clients. We’re looking forward to talking to you!


Product Development

Development of medical products

Based on your expectations and our dialysis expertise, we develop your product from the initial idea to the final registration.

Development of specific features and modules

We develop state-of-the-art components for a new generation of dialysis devices. With our existing technologies, you can measure ankle-brachial index, Kt/V (sp/dp), the urea reduction rate, vascular and cardiopulmonary recirculation, shunt flow and blood volume, etc.

Furthermore, we develop new systems to optimize the treatment effectivity, for example, an innovative module to maximize the substitution rate during HDF, or dialysis networking systems for an optimized workflow and as quality management tool.

Product ergonomics and Graphical user interface design

The success of any dialysis machine is increasingly more dependent on modern design and excellent usability. We assist you in optimizing this important aspect and increasing the safety of your product.

Modern hardware optimization of medical devices

We optimize your hydraulic and electric systems under economic and ecological aspects. With our vast knowledge of the component market we reduce your production costs by selecting the right suppliers with you and support you in “make-or-buy”-decisions.


Bringing your products to the market

Strategic market research and analysis


Management of product certifications


Analyzing and filling patents


Establishing distribution structures


Clinical trials for the success of your products

Developing a study design


Principal investigators and study insurance


Monitoring and managing studies


Selected projects

Renal Engineering

Surdial X

As the lead developer of the Nipro Surdial-X, we enabled Nipro Corporation Japan to introduce a high-end state-of-the-art hemodialysis machine to the international market and created optional features like Kt/V measurement, blood volume measurement and monitoring, optimized substitution flow control, etc.

Tradename/Product of Nipro Corporation® Japan

R&D / Consulting


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