Personally & Professionally Healthcare Group ( announces that it started a new business unit in the home-hemodialysis market. Under the newly formed brand Homecare, now provides home-hemodialysis services to patients in Switzerland and Austria. Homecare offers all services needed by the patients to prepare for home-hemodialysis and eventually switch to dialysis in the comfort of the patient’s home. That includes all logistical and administrative tasks as well as training, quality assurance, and the ongoing care of the dialysis patients. By doing so, acts as a partner to the responsible medical doctor of the patient to guarantee high quality of care outside the dialysis center.

Home-hemodialysis can be an attractive option for many patients. It gives patients the freedom to have a more flexible treatment schedule, saves travel and transport time, and provides patients with more control over their lives.

“With home-hemodialysis we offer the patients the possibility to adapt the dialysis treatment to their lifestyle. With our highly qualified team of nurses we are able to support our patients throughout the whole journey of hemodialysis at home.” said Sven-Axel Krentorz, Chief Executive Officer of is a global medical services and products provider and focuses on provision of medical services such as dialysis and cardiology. cares for more than 5,000 dialysis patients in a global network of more than 60 dialysis clinics.


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