D.Med Technical Service System

D.Med Technical Service System, DTS, is a software used by the D.Med Technical Service Division for the international maintenance of medical equipment, mainly dialysis machines.

Principally, it allows tracking medical devices, interventions (i.e. repairs, maintenance and safety inspections), customers and measurement tools. Its user-friendly interface and a logical workflow enable an intuitive handling. DTS simplifies administrative processes, documentation and technical surveillance.

The software was entirely developed by the R&D / Consulting Division of D.Med Healthcare. It includes a series of functionalities and features such as a list of devices and clients, report creations; digital signature; or calendar of appointments reviews.

In addition, the system has an offline mode in case a stable internet connection cannot be provided at the medical center.


Features for Quality Monitoring

· Overview of all serviced medical devices
· Medical device information and traceability
· Intervention tracking with an electronic protocol: TSI, MTC and Medical Device book
· Intervention history for each machine
· Customized maintenance
· Customized contract management
· Dialysis-related information & evaluation
· Online database with offline functionality
· Data protection according to ISO
· Legend-based system
· Txt.file generation & data-exchange
· Measurement tool list
· Medical device book
· Digital signatures
· Report transfer to the customer via e-mail or fax
· Used spare parts evaluation & traceability

Service Contact

D.Med Consulting AG
Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 99 | 20359 Hamburg, Germany
Avenida Manuel Agustín Heredia 6, 1 | 29001 Málaga, Spain
Phone: +494075663250