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D.Med Healthcare is a global medical service and product provider with a focus on renal and diabetes care.

With more than 900 employees and a growing platform of operations in more than 20 countries, we reach out to the world, teaming up with local partners and stakeholders to create value for local health systems. Over 5.000 patients from different countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa receive renal replacement treatments in our clinics enjoying state-of-the-art medical quality and devoted care.

Company Divisions

a 360º perspective

As a leading independent renal engineering company, managing own production sites, distributing highly innovative medical products, with a network of dialysis service technicians covering Europe and Africa, and state-of-the-art clinics around the world, D.Med Healthcare looks at our industry from a 360º perspective creating a unique set-up and a vast expertise which all our patients benefit from on a daily basis.

CEO / President / Founder

Sven-Axel Krentorz