Renal, Diabetes, and Cardiology care

D.Med Healthcare provides lean set-ups where all resources are carefully allocated to achieve the highest possible efficiency in operations maximizing the results of our medical treatments. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and quality management tools are used to continuously monitor and improve each individual parameter of the process.

We offer high German standards tailored to different reimbursement systems worldwide. Our patients receive high-quality medical treatments and benefit from the favorable impact of leaner operations.

In particular, D.Med Healthcare provides services in the fields of nephrology, diabetology, and cardiology targeting individualized care.


Over 5.000 patients from different countries, including Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, India, and Macedonia, receive renal replacement treatments enjoying our state-of-the-art services in our 61 clinics and in their homes.

Our services include:

• In-clinic hemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD)

• Home-hemodialysis (HHD) and -peritoneal dialysis

• Individualized treatment and care

• Patient education programs and renal diet consultation

• Multimedia entertainment & patient comfort systems

• Sports activities

• Pediatric renal care

• Holiday dialysis

Specialists in chronic kidney patients’ homecare

D.Med Homecare

D.Med Homecare stands for a high-quality, integrative, and safe nephrological care of kidney patients in their home environment. Most of our employees have more than 20 years of experience in the field of dialysis. The professional and personal approach to our patients is the focus of our work.

Our care system makes it possible to provide patients with the individual treatment they need. We undertake all logistical and administrative tasks related to the organization, including training, quality assurance, and the ongoing care of the dialysis patients. Individuality and reliability are decisive factors for high patient satisfaction and dialysis quality.

Benchmarks that make us strive for excellence

Medical KPIs

A complex set of key performance indicators serve as a compass in our daily mission to provide the best possible care, among them:

Adequate dialysis dose achieved by at least 85% of our patients (Kt/V>1.4)

Sufficient dialysis time for at least 85% of our patients (≥240 min of time per session)

Optimal dialysis access: more than 85% of patients with AV fistulas

FY2018 Reference of treated dialysis patients in D.Med Healthcare clinics.


Advanced quality management is the key driver to guarantee outstanding treatment results independent from local reimbursement rates. That’s why we in D.Med Healthcare have developed own made-to-measure instruments, like specific monitoring software, educational programs, and high-standard medical and operational guidelines.

Chief Medical Officer

Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Wagner


We operate according to the international guidelines of ERBP—official guideline body for the ERA-EDTA©— and KDIGO©