Doctor checking blood pressure of a patient, he is measuring pulses with a sphygmomanometer, hands close up.


Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of your blood vessels as your heart pumps blood around your body. When you have high blood pressure, it means the pressure is too high. High blood pressure is a leading cause of kidney disease and strokes.   How do I know if I…

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Nurse assisting patient with diabetes treatment

Diabetes — A Major Risk Factor for Kidney Disease

Diabetes mellitus, usually called diabetes, is a disease in which your body does not make enough insulin (type 1) or does not respond to insulin properly (type 2), so that blood sugar levels increase. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the amount of sugar in your blood. A high blood sugar level will cause problems…

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Professional nutritionist meeting a patient in the office and healthy fruits with tape measure on the foreground: healthy eating and diet concept

Nutrition for dialysis patients

The right diet is an integral part of your treatment along with dialysis and medication. The recommended nutrition depends on the stage of kidney failure and the type of treatment. Most patients on dialysis need to limit the amount of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus in their diets. Moreover, as a dialysis patient, you have a…

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Male patient at urologist's office.

Kidney Treatment Options

This article will introduce the three kidney treatment options that are available to patients who suffer kidney failure. Learn all about Kidney Transplantation, Peritoneal dialysis, and Hemodialysis so that you can find the treatment which is best suited for you or your family.

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Two hands using a diabetes pen on a blue background.

Kidney Disease and Diabetes

First, the doctor needs to find out if your diabetes has caused the injury. Other diseases can cause kidney damage. Your kidneys will work better and last longer if you: Control your blood sugar Control your blood pressure Get treatment for urinary tract infections Correct any problems in your urinary system Avoid any medicines that…

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