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D.med Healthcare Group

CEO’s message

Dear Healthcare Community,

We at D.med define ourselves as a made-to-measure provider of medical products and services. We identify gaps and inefficiencies in the global healthcare system with the goal to close and eliminate them through our value-for-money approach that delivers uncompromised quality at a reasonable cost.

Our activities revolve around nephrology, cardiology and other fields of internal medicine. With lean and agile operations and an open and intercultural mindset we are reaching out to the world.

It is our firm belief that patients around the globe deserve better and more affordable care and all D.med team members are fully committed to contributing to make this happen country-by- country, patient-by-patient and day by-day.

We look forward to joining forces with you!


Sven-Axel Krentorz


Group overview

D.med Healthcare is a fast growing medical products & services provider

D.med Healthcare, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, is a rapidly expanding provider of medical products and services with a global footprint. Specializing in renal care, diabetes, and other internal medicine fields, the company boasts an international presence in over 20 countries with more than 1,000 employees. The D.med Healthcare Group comprises the following business units:


  • Medical Services: Provides global dialysis services, catering to over 5,000 renal patients across a network of 60+ dialysis clinics.
  • Medical Engineering: Focuses on development of medical products, integrating expertise in engineering, software development, and regulatory compliance.
  • Production Unit: A recently initiated unit dedicated to the production of renal care products.
  • Sales & Distribution: A global distributor with an extensive international sales network, offering a diverse range of products for renal care and diabetes.

D.med at a glance

The history of D.med Healthcare Group at a glance

From its beginnings as a small company with only a handful of employees, D.med Healthcare Group has continuously grown to the size of a global company over the last decade.

dmed healthcare legacy

Sales offices in Turkey and UK

Sales & Distribution division

Sales offices in Germany and Serbia

Sales & Distribution division

Nephrology Hospital in North Macedonia

Medical Services division

D.med Consulting / R&D Partnership with NIPRO

R&D / Consulting division

Sales offices in Switzerland and Nigeria

Sales & Distribution division

Zückerli (Diabetes Wholesaler / Germany)

Sales & Distribution division

Representational office in China


Acquisition of Alpro Medical (South Africa)

Sales & Distribution division

Sales office in Croatia

Sales & Distribution division

Introduction of “D.med Healthcare” brand


Joint Venture with NIPRO (Nipro D.med) for renal and diabetes product sales

Sales & Distribution division

D.med Technical Service in Germany

Technical Services division

Sales office in Ghana

Sales & Distribution division

New Corporate Headquarters in Dusseldorf


Sales offices in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia

Sales & Distribution division

Technical Office in Belgium and Spain

Technical Services division

Joint Venture with Hebei Changshan

Sales & Distribution division

Acquisition of Diaverum Turkey

Medical Services division

Divestment from Nipro D.med

Sales & Distribution division

Technical offices in the Netherlands, Italy, France and South Africa

Technical Services division

D.med Medical Services in Telangana / India

Medical Services division

Technical Office in the UK

Technical Services division

Acquisition of Nefro Ltda (Brazil)

Medical Services division

PPP-Contract for Cardiology Hospital in Bosnia

Medical Services division

Divestment of D.med Medical Services India

Medical Services division

Divestment of D.med Technical Services

Technical Services division

Acquisition of Inspramed Medical

Production division

Acquisition of SOS RIM Dialysis Clinic (Brazil)

Medical Services division

Divestment of Brazilian Dialysis Operations

Medical Services division


We at D.med feel a very strong commitment towards our patients and employees as well as towards the society and the environment as a whole.

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